Altistart 01 Soft Starters Page 10 Introduction

10 Altistart 01 & U01 soft starters for asynchronous motors Introduction ATS01N2 & ATSU01N2 soft starters Functions 2-wire control The start and stop commands are provided by a single logic or control input. As soon as the state of logic input 2 (LI2) goes high (connected to the LI+ or +24 V terminal), the starting process begins. As soon as the state of LI2 goes low (the connection to LI+ or +24 V is removed), the stopping process begins. No connection to LI1 is required. 3-wire control The start and stop commands are provided by two different logic or control inputs. While logic input 1 (LI1) is continuously held high (connected to LI+ or +24 V), a momentary high on LI2 will provide a start command. A stop command is issued as soon as LI1 goes low (the connection to LI+ or +24 V is removed). To issue a second start command, reconnect LI1 to LI+ or +24 V and momentarily pull LI2 high. Starting and stopping times The ATS01 soft start controls the starting and stopping time of the motor by ramping the applied motor voltage up and down. The starting and stopping voltage ramp times can be adjusted from 1 to 10 seconds by means of two potentiometers on the front of the soft start. Since the actual motor starting and stopping times are dependent on the level of the applied load, the scale on the front of the soft start is marked from A to E rather than from 1 to 10 seconds, with A being the shortest time and E being the longest time. The starting voltage ramp begins at the AC voltage level set by the Initial Voltage adjustment. Refer to diagram below for more detail. Note: The ATS01 soft start is internally bypassed at the end of the time set by the start time adjustment. If the motor is not up to speed by that time (due to a heavy load), the internal contactor can be damaged, requiring replacement of the soft start. SET THE START TIME AT A LEVEL ACHIEVABLE WITH THE MOTOR AT ITS HIGHEST LOAD LEVEL. LI1 LI2 + 24 V or LI + Altistart 01 Control Terminals Stop Start LI + LI1 LI2 Altistart 01 control terminals 200 ms t Application of a voltage boost equal to 100% of the nominal motor voltage Voltage ramp U 100% Un 50% Un Initial voltage Boost

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