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Altistart 01 Soft Starters - Page 23 Wiring Diagrams


Altistart 01 & U01

soft starters for asynchronous motors Motor Installation

Wiring Diagrams

ATS01N2 pp LU/QN/RT soft starter with GV manual starter or other motor starter

Circuit Breaker or Fuses GV Manual Starter KM1 ( 1 ) ATS01 Motor Other motor starter ( 2 ) Fuses ATS01 Motor Fusible Disconnect

GV2 or GV3

KM1 ( 1 ) ATS01 Motor Circuit Breaker or Fuses KM1 ( 1 ) ATS01 Motor ATS01 Motor Other motor starter ( 2 ) Fuses Overload Relay GV Manual Starter

Group motor installation Non-group motor installation

(1): Optional contactor for line isolation and remote control. (2): Other motor starters must provide motor overload protection. Note: Observe national and local electrical codes when selecting the circuit breaker and other motor starters. See the selection table on page 18 for recommendations on the following components: ATS01 soft start GV manual starter KM1 isolation contactor Fuses Overload relay

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