Altistart 01 Soft Starters Page 24 Wiring Diagrams

24 Altistart 01 & U01 soft starters for asynchronous motors ATS01N1 pppp Wiring Diagrams ATS01N1 pp FT soft starter with GV manual starter, fusible disconnect, or other motor starter Automatic 3-wire control with isolation contactor (single-phase motor) KM1 120 V 24 Vdc M1 1~ Manual Starter or Disconnect Q1 L1 L2 120 Vac Supply STOP FU1 OL Q1 L + START S1 S2 FU3 KM1 OL N - ( 2 ) ( 1 ) 110-240 V 6/T3 4/T2 2/T1 ATS01N1FT 24 V CL2 1/L1 A1 CL1/0 5/L3 3/L2 24 Vdc or (3) TS t1 V 1 Line voltage/ Green LED Yellow LED Motor voltage Start Stop t Notes: A1: ATS01 soft starter FU1 : Control circuit fuse - 120 Vac control power only FU3: Fast-acting UL Listed Class J fuse KM1: Isolation contactor TS: Transient suppressor OL: Overload relay Q1: Manual motor starter or disconnect switch S1, S2: Momentary pushbuttons t1: 1 - 5 second adjustable starting time V1: Initial motor voltage - adjustable from 30 to 80% of the motor's rated voltage (1) Fuses FU3 are not required if device Q1 is a TeSys U-Line or GV manual starter. Motor starter installed per local and national electrical codes. (2) Overload protection is required if not included on device Q1.

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