Altistart 01 Soft Starters Page 5 Introduction

5 Altistart 01 & U01 soft starters for asynchronous motors Introduction Product The Altistart 01 offer comprises 3 ranges: ATS01N1 pppp for soft start operation ATS01N2 pppp for soft start and stop operation ATSU01N2 pppp for soft start and stop operation with TeSys U ATS01N222LU/QN/RT... ATS01N232LU/QN/RT, ATS01N109FT, ATS01N112FT ATSU01N206LT... ATSU01N212LT, Altistart 01 products Motor starting performance easily adapted to the application Dials conveniently located on the front of the Altistart 01 soft starter allow adjustments for starting torque as well as starting and stopping ramp times Handles both easy and hard to start load with a selectable kickstart feature Compatibility with motor starters such as TeSys U, GV2, GV3, and others Simple setup and operation 3 logic inputs, 1 logic output, 1 relay output Adjustment dials and indicator lights Easy to install and start up DIN rail or panel mounting options Removable control terminal for simple and easy wiring Quick adjustments Eliminate power wiring by using custom power connector to TeSys U-line motor starter Starting time Controlling the starting time means that the time of the voltage ramp applied to the motor can be adjusted to obtain a gradual starting time, dependent on the motor load. Voltage boost function via logic input Activating the BOOST logic input enables the function for supplying a starting overtorque capable of overcoming any mechanical friction. When the input is at state 1, the function is active (input connected to the + 24 V) and the starter applies a fixed voltage to the motor for a limited time before starting. End of starting indicator Application function via logic output LO1 Soft start/soft stop units ATS01N2 pppp and ATSU01N2 pppp are equipped with an open collector logic output LO, which indicates the end of starting when the motor has reached nominal speed. 200 ms t Application of a voltage boost equal to 100% of the nominal motor voltage Voltage ramp U 100% Un 50% Un Initial voltage Voltage Boost

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