Altistart 01 Soft Starters Page 7 Introduction

7 Altistart 01 & U01 soft starters for asynchronous motors ATS01N1 soft starters Introduction Functions Starting and stopping the ATS01N1 soft start: The motor starts when both line and control power are supplied to the soft start. The soft start will not soft stop the motor. When the run command is removed, the motor will coast to a stop. If only line power is removed to stop the motor, reapplying line power will not restart the motor. Soft start control power must also be cycled off and on to restart the motor. In a single-phase application, the soft start will allow the motor to stop when either line or control power is removed. Note: In a 3-phase application, connect line power to the soft start ONLY when soft start control power is present and motor operation is needed. Applying line power when no soft start control power is present will single-phase the connected 3-phase motor. Control power Control power can be either: 110 V to 220 Vac ( 10%): terminals CL1/0 and CL2 24 Vac/dc ( 10%): terminals CL1/0 (-) and 24 V (+) Line power Line power must match the voltage rating of the motor and must not exceed 480 V ( 10%) . Single-phase motors: Power in: ATS01N1 terminals 1/L1 and 5/L3 Power out: ATS01N1 terminals 2/T1 and 6/T3 Three-phase motors: Power in: ATS01N1 terminals 1/L1, 3/L2, and 5/L3 Power out: ATS01N1 terminals 2/T1, 4/T2, and 6/T3 Starting times The ATS01N1 soft start controls the starting time of the motor by ramping up the voltage applied to one phase of the motor. The starting voltage ramp time can be adjusted from 1 to 5 seconds by means of the potentiometer on the front of the soft start. Since the actual motor starting time is dependent on the level of the applied load, the scale on the front of the soft start is calibrated from A to E rather than from 1 to 5 seconds, with A being the shortest time and E being the longest time. The starting voltage ramp begins at the AC line voltage level set by the Initial Voltage adjustment. See the diagram below for more detail. Note: The ATS01 soft start is internally bypassed at the end of the time set by the start time adjustment. If the motor is not up to speed by that time (due to a heavy load), the internal contactor can be damaged, requiring replacement of the soft start. SET THE START TIME AT A LEVEL ACHIEVABLE WITH THE MOTOR AT ITS HIGHEST LOAD LEVEL. Initial (or starting) voltage The initial voltage applied to the motor (the level at which the voltage ramp begins) can be adjusted by a potentiometer on the front of the ATS01N1 soft start. The initial voltage level can be adjusted from approximately 30 to 80% of the AC line voltage level. See the diagram above. Since the resultant motor torque varies in proportion to the square of the applied voltage, the scale on the front of the soft start is calibrated from A to E rather than from 30 to 80%, with A being the lowest level and E being the highest level. A lower setting will reduce motor torque during starting. Set this level to the minimum required that will result in motor rotation immediately after a start command. t 100% Initial voltage Adjustable 30-80% Start ramp Up to speed Coast to Stop V

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