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8 Altistart 01 & U01 soft starters for asynchronous motors ATS01N2 & ATSU01N2 soft starters Introduction ATS01N2 & ATSU01N2 soft starters The ATS01N2 pp LU/QN/RT and ATSU01N2 pp LT soft starters control the starting and stopping ramps of three-phase motors ranging from 0.5 to 20 HP (0.75 to 15 kW) and have a motor voltage range of 208 V to 460 V. The ATS01N2 pp LU/QN/RT soft start is self-powered from the AC line supply and is compatible with all other control power schemes. The ATSU01N2 pp LT soft start is optimized for installations offering 24 Vdc control power. These soft starters control two phases of the AC voltage supplied to the motor in order to limit starting torque and current. This is ideal for applications that do not require high starting torque. It limits starting torque and reduces the current inrush experienced with other motor starting methods. The stepless starting method of the ATS01 soft start avoids the torque surges associated with other reduced voltage starting methods. These two soft starters are ideal for any of the following applications: Material handling conveyors Belt-driven machinery Fans and pumps Small compressors Automatic doors and gates Process machinery (such as grinders, mixers, and agitators) Filling lines People movers Any other application that can benefit from stepless reduced voltage starting The ATS01N2 and ATSU01N2 are compatible with these common motor voltages: 0.5 to 10 HP @ 200/208 V 0.5 to 10 HP @ 230/240 V 1.1 to 15 kW @ 400 V 0.5 to 20 HP @ 460 V While Altistart 01 soft starts can be used with almost any motor starter, they now add soft start and soft stop motor control to the TeSys U-Line family of motor starters. ATS01N2 or ATSU01N2 with TeSys U-Line motor starter When an ATS01N2 pp LU/QN/RT or an ATSU01N2 pp LT model 3 is combined with the TeSys U-Line motor starter 1 by means of a power connector 2 (included with the ATSU01N2 pp LT), the result is a unique, innovative motor starting solution. A low power soft start installation now has access to the benefits of the TeSys U-Line motor starter, including: Modular design with a standard 45 mm width Short-circuit and multi-class overload protection Phase loss, phase imbalance, ground fault, jam, underload, and long-start protection Fault history PC based programming software Optional LCD display Networking capabilities: Modbus, AS-I, DeviceNet, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus DP Monitoring of motor status Remote starting and fault reset Electronic reversing The panel space required to install the ATS01 soft start and the TeSys U-Line motor starter is minimal, with a standard 45 mm product width and side-by-side mounting. Please consult the TeSys U-Line motor starter catalog for TeSys U-Line mounting information. 1 2 3 Example of motor starter/soft start combination ATSU01N206LT...ATSU01N212LT,

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