Altistart 22 Enclosed Altistart 22 Soft Starters Page 20 Accessories and Options

20 Altistart 22 soft starters for asynchronous motors Configuration tools Accessories & Options Configuration tools SoMove setup software This software enables the user to configure, set, debug and organize maintenance tasks for the Altistart 22. It can also be used to customize the integrated display terminal menus. Description Part number Weight lbs kg SoMove setup software Free Download - USB/RJ45 cordset equipped with a USB connector and an RJ45 connector For connecting a PC to the Altistart 22. Length: 8 ft (2.5 m) TCSMCNAM3M002P 0.2 0.1 Altistart 22 iPad app The iPad application can perform the following programming actions: Create parameter files Validate soft starter configurations Upload, download or clone soft starter settings Retain digital file copies of soft starter settings Links to product information embedded in app Description Part number Weight lbs kg Altistart 22 iPad app Available for free on iTunes - 30-pin mobile / RS485 with RJ45 connector equipped with a 30-pin mobile connector (iPad side) and an RJ45 connector (Altistart 22 side) For connecting an iPad to the Altistart 22. VW3A8151R20U 0.2 0.1 Altistart TM Programming Tool Altistart TM 22 Configure Soft Start Select Soft Start the Altistart 22 device.

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