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29 Altistart 22 soft starters for asynchronous motors Operation & Protection Specifications Operation specifications Methods of Starting Torque Ramp Adjustable from 1 to 60 s by keypad Current Limitation Adjustable from 150% to 350% of controller rated current (In) as indicated on nameplate Booster Start-up Pulse Pulse start at 80% of full voltage for 0.1 to 1 s (bSt) for breaking free high-friction loads or starting 2-pole motors Methods of Stopping Freewheel Coast to stop on stop command Torque Deceleration Ramp Adjustable from 1 to 60 s by keypad Status and Diagnostics: Digital display of motor and controller status, including: Ready/Run Motor Current Protection specifications Motor Thermal Overload Solid-state thermal overload relay, integral to the ATS22 soft starter. Overload class is selectable as 10, 20, or 30 by keypad. Range is 40% to 100% of ATS22 soft starter rated current. (1) Shunt-Trip Disconnect Removes power from the controller cabinet when the ATS22 soft starter detects a fault condition Controller Short-Circuit Current Ratings PowerPact H, J, D, L, or P Circuit Breaker: 100 kA @ 480 V and 50 kA @ 600 V (2) PowerPact M Circuit Breaker: 65 kA @ 480 V and 25 kA @ 600 V Fusible Disconnect: 100 kA @ 600 V (requires UL Class J time-delay fuses, not included). Overcurrent Protection An overcurrent protection device (OCPD) provides Type 1 coordination to the short-circuit current ratings. Overtemperature Protection Protection if heatsink temperature exceeds 185 F (85 C) Shorting Contactor A shorting contactor is integral to the ATS22 soft starter and reduces temperature rise in the enclosure by eliminating the watts loss of the SCRs. Unbalanced Threshold Current Programmable, 10% to 100% of soft starter rated current (In) Ground Fault Programmable, 10% to 100% of soft starter rated current (In) Undervoltage/Overvoltage Programmable, undervoltage trip at 50% to 90% of line voltage (ULn), and overvoltage trip at 110% to 125% of line voltage (1) Refer to the ATS22 User Manual for ATS22 soft starter maximum rated current. It may differ from the ratings of the Enclosed ATS22 controller. (2) Short-circuit rating for power circuits N05, R05, and Y05 with an IEC contactor is 35,000 A @ 600 V for the following horsepower ratings: 350 hp: Type 1 and 12 300 hp: Type 3R or Mod X10

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