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Altistart 22

soft starters for asynchronous motors


Control options

A06 Start/Stop push buttons Provides black start and red stop push buttons (3-wire control scheme). B06 Forward-Off-Reverse selector switch Provides three-position selector switch to select between forward, off and reverse. Uses 2-wire control. C06 Hand-Off-Auto selector switch Provides a three-position selector switch, 2-wire control scheme. D06 Stop-Run selector switch Provides a two-position selector switch. E06 Hand-Auto selector switch and Start/Stop push buttons Provides a two-position selector switch and start/stop push buttons (3-wire control).

Pilot light cluster options

A07 Pilot light cluster #1 Consists of red "RUN" and green "OFF" pilot lights. Provides standard red "RUN (ON)" and green "OFF" pilot lights for status annunciation. B07 Pilot light cluster #2 Consists of red "RUN" (push-to-test) and green "OFF" (push-totest) pilot lights. Provides push-to-test type red "RUN (ON)" and standard green "OFF" pilot lights for status annunciation. C07 Pilot light cluster #3 Consists of red "RUN", green "OFF" and yellow "FAULT" pilot lights. Provides standard red "RUN (ON)" green "OFF" and yellow "FAULT" pilot lights for status annunciation. D07 Pilot light cluster #4 Consists of red "RUN (ON)" (push-to-test), green "OFF" (push-to-test) and yellow "FAULT" (push-to-reset) pilot lights. Provides push-to-test type red "RUN (ON)" standard green "OFF", and push-to-reset type yellow "FAULT" for status annunciation.

Meter display options

B08 Elapsed time meter Provides a seven-digit analog, non-resettable elapsed run time meter. Not available on Type 3R Enclosures


Controller class 8638 = Fusible disconnect 8639 = Circuit breaker disconnect


Controller style 22F = Altistart 22 with Molded Case Switch and Class J Fuse Block 22T = Altistart 22 with PowerPact Motor Circuit Protector 22U = Altistart 22 with PowerPact Thermal-magnetic Circuit Breaker Horsepower rating Enclosure type G = UL Type 1 general purpose A = UL Type 12K industrial use, dust/drip tight H = UL Type 3R outdoor use Voltage 2 = 208 V ac 4 = 460 V ac 3 = 230 V ac 5 = 575 V ac


Power circuit options B = Basic shunt trip S = Full-featured shunt trip N = Non-reversing isolation R = Reversing isolation Y = Integral full-voltage bypass Control options A06 = Start-stop pushbuttons B06 = Forward-off-reverse C06 = Hand-off-auto (HOA) selector switch D06 = Stop-run selector switch E06 = Hand-auto selector switch/ start-stop pushbuttons Pilot device options A07 = Run light (red), off light (green) B07 = Push-to-test run light (red), push to-test off light (green) C07 = Run light (red), off light (green), tripped light/reset (yellow) D07 = PTT run light (red), PTT off light (green), tripped light/reset (yellow) Metering options B08 = Elapsed run time meter Miscellaneous options * The complete list of Miscellaneous options is located on pages 32 & 33.

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H = 30 hp J = 40 hp K = 50 hp L = 60 hp M = 75 hp N = 100 hp P = 125 hp A = 3 hp B = 5 hp C = 7.5 hp D = 10 hp E = 15 hp F = 20 hp G = 25 hp Q = 150 hp R = 200 hp S = 250 hp T = 300 hp U = 350 hp W = 400 hp X = 500 hp

8639 22U C G 4 B A06 A07 B08 A10

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Miscellaneous options

Mod A10 Floor mounting kit Only available for size D enclosures. Rule: Available for power options S05, N05, R05, Y05 . B10 150 VA additional control power capacity Provides 150 VA additional control VA capacity for customer use. C10 Power up on delay (start relay) Provides an electronic time delay relay adjustable from 0.1 to 60 seconds. Relay is pre-wired to inhibit start for users to set delay time upon power-up of control. D10 Emergency stop push button Provides a push-button for immediate removal of power. E10 "cUL" label Provides a Canadian Underwriters Laboratories label when required by local code requirements.

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