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Altistart 22

soft starters for asynchronous motors


Miscellaneous options


F10 Auxiliary contacts for run mode Provides one Form A, normally open (N.O.) contact rated 5 A at 120 Vac to the terminal blocks for customer use. The contact closes when the controller is applying power to the motor. G10 Auxiliary contacts for full voltage bypass run mode Provides 1 Form C contact rated 5 A @ 120 Vac (8501 Type R relay or equivalent) wired to terminal blocks for customer use. Contacts change state when motor is operated across the line with full voltage by bypass starter. Rule: Must use Power Circuit N or R (line isolation) contactor combination. H10 Auxiliary contacts for auto mode Provides one Form A, normally open (N.O.) contact rated 5 A @120 Vac to the terminal blocks for user use. The contact closes when the controller is placed in Auto (remote) mode. Rule: MOD C06 (Hand-Off-Auto selector switch) or E06 (Hand-Auto selector switch) must be specified. J10 Auxiliary contacts for trip status Provides one Form A, normally open (N.O.) contact rated 5 A @120 Vac to the terminal blocks for user use. The contact closes when the controller has tripped. L10 ID engraved nameplates Provides a lamacoid nameplate, engraved with equipment designation. M10 Spare terminal blocks Provides up to 10 spare terminal blocks unwired for customer use. Since Phoenix style terminal blocks will be used, extra terminal points will be provided as standard 20 terminal points are available as standard for control wiring (including any additional customer spare terminal points). P10 Permanent wire markers Provides a permanent sleeve type wire marker on control wiring assemblies R10 MOV/Surge arrestor (custom engineered option) Provides supplementary MOV protection using a Class 6671 SDSA3650 Surgebreaker Secondary Surge Arrester hardwired and factory mounted. U10 Omit door mounted keypad display Omits the door-mounted keypad display. A keypad closing plate and gasket are provided on the door. Rule: To program or control the ATS22 soft starter with Modbus communication, refer to the ATS22 User Manual, BBV51330. Y10 Seismic qualification label Provides a self-certified identification label with compliance to 2000 IBC, NFPA 5000, 2001 CBC, 1997 UBC, 1999 NBC, 1999SBC, ASCE-7 02 seismic qualification certification. The label criteria will be uniform for the enclosed products. Enclosures shall contain additional bracing as defined by the seismic qualification certification criteria. V10 OSHPD Seismic Certification This option provides special labels and documents to comply with the seismic requirements of the California Office of Statewide Planning and Development (OSHPD). Refer to 30072-454-87, Seismic Qualification of Enclosed Drives and Soft Starters, for additional information. Rule: Not available for wall mounted enclosures. Z10 Service Entrance Rating Provides a UL869A approved insulated ground neutral lug assembly, mounting bracket with bonded enclosure ground wire suitable for use as service entrance equipment. Rule: Service Entrance Rating is not available with the Mod E10 (cUL Label).


Controller class 8638 = Fusible disconnect 8639 = Circuit breaker disconnect


Controller style 22F = Altistart 22 with Molded Case Switch and Class J Fuse Block 22T = Altistart 22 with PowerPact Motor Circuit Protector 22U = Altistart 22 with PowerPact Thermal-magnetic Circuit Breaker Horsepower rating Enclosure type G = UL Type 1 general purpose A = UL Type 12K industrial use, dust/drip tight H = UL Type 3R outdoor use Voltage 2 = 208 V ac 4 = 460 V ac 3 = 230 V ac 5 = 575 V ac


Power circuit options B = Basic shunt trip S = Full-featured shunt trip N = Non-reversing isolation R = Reversing isolation Y = Integral full-voltage bypass Control options A06 = Start-stop pushbuttons B06 = Forward-off-reverse C06 = Hand-off-auto (HOA) selector switch D06 = Stop-run selector switch E06 = Hand-auto selector switch/ start-stop pushbuttons Pilot device options A07 = Run light (red), off light (green) B07 = Push-to-test run light (red), push to-test off light (green) C07 = Run light (red), off light (green), tripped light/reset (yellow) D07 = PTT run light (red), PTT off light (green), tripped light/reset (yellow) Metering options B08 = Elapsed run time meter Miscellaneous options * The complete list of Miscellaneous options is located on pages 32 & 33.

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H = 30 hp J = 40 hp K = 50 hp L = 60 hp M = 75 hp N = 100 hp P = 125 hp A = 3 hp B = 5 hp C = 7.5 hp D = 10 hp E = 15 hp F = 20 hp G = 25 hp Q = 150 hp R = 200 hp S = 250 hp T = 300 hp U = 350 hp W = 400 hp X = 500 hp

8639 22U C G 4 B A06 A07 B08 A10

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