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Altistart 22

soft starters for asynchronous motors



The Altistart 22 is offered in 2 voltage ranges: ATS22 ppp S6U or ATS22 ppp S6 for three-phase motors, 208 V to 600 V @ 50/60 Hz ATS22 ppp Q for three-phase motors, 230 V to 440 V @ 50/60 Hz

Simplify installation

Integrated bypass reduces the number of external components: power wiring, contactor and control wiring for coil Wiring 6 terminals instead of 12 saves time and cost Fewer components and wiring points reduces heat dissipation allowing for a smaller enclosure Fewer components improves the reliability of the installation and decreases maintenance cost

Decrease operating costs

Reduces operating costs of your machine by controlling motor current in-rush and reducing mechanical stress from motor starting and stopping Conformal coated printed circuit boards provide enhanced resistance to harsh environments, increasing the service life of your installation and reducing maintenance cost.

Improve machine performance

True three-phase control and other protection functions monitor and protect your machine to sustain up-time Soft starting and soft stopping reduces mechanical stress on your machine, increasing productivity while protecting your delicate goods

Enhance communication

The Altistart 22 offers the following communication features to make programming and communicating simple: The integrated keypad display features: - A 4 x 7 segment display to provide useful real-time visual feedback - A 4 button keypad for simple navigation through configuration menus - 4 LED indicators (Ready, Communication, Run, & Trip) The easy start menu guides you through the basic parameters to get you up and running quickly The multi-function integrated Modbus port allows connection to either: A remote-mount keypad to allow access from outside of an enclosure Connection to a Modbus network for remote communication SoMove PC software for configuration and diagnostics Altistart 22 iPad App for creating, saving, and transferring configurations from an iPad to the Altivar 22


The Altistart 22 range also offers a number of options: Additional fans to support a greater number of starts A remote terminal unit can be installed on the front face of a floor-standing enclosure with IP 54/NEMA 12 or IP 65 protection (depending on the model). Protection shrouds for terminals to ensure compliance with IP 20 degree of protection

Additional fans Integrated keypad display ATS22 iPad app

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