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7 Altistart 22 soft starters for asynchronous motors Introduction Starts per hour Soft starter Number of starts per hour (S4 duty) Without additional fan With additional fan ATS22D17 p D88 p 6 10 ATS22C11 p C17 p 4 10 ATS22C21 p ...C59 p (fan comes as standard) - 4 Possible number of starts per hour based on a starting capacity of 3.5 In for 20 seconds (S4 motor duty) after adding a fan. Product (continued) Selection criteria The Altistart 22 has been designed for normal duty applications requiring up to 350% of rated current (IcL). Heavy duty applications will require selecting a larger starter. For a chosen application, the choice of starter will depend on the following criteria: The power and nominal current (ln) on the motor name plate Duty cycle Starting current capacity Number of starts per hour Motor thermal protection class Duty cycle S1 motor duty: Duty cycle of starting followed by operation at constant load enabling the thermal stability to be reached. S4 motor duty: Duty cycle of starting, operation at constant load, and an idle period. This cycle is characterized by a load factor. These motor duties are described in more detail in IEC 60034-1. Starting current capacity The standard starting current capacity for a class 10 motor is: S1 motor duty: 3.5 In for 40 seconds with a cold motor S4 motor duty: With a load factor of 90% of full load and n starts per hour (see table "Starts per hour"), 3.5 In for 20 seconds or an equivalent thermal cycle. In this case, the motor thermal protection must conform to protection class 10. The Altistart 22 rated current is limited to 3.5 IcL. IcL is the nominal current of the Altistart 22. If the application requires a higher rated starting current (> 3.5 IcL), the soft starter must be oversized. Use the button above to navigate to the Altistart 22 selection tables on page 14 to select a part number. Number of starts per hour The table to the left defines the maximum number of starts per hour for S4 motor duty. The number of starts per hour can be increased by adding a fan. The following units can be fitted with an additional fan: ATS22D17S6UC17S6U ATS22D17S6C17S6 ATS22D17QC17Q Units ATS22C21S6U...C59S6U, ATS22C21S6...C59S6, and ATS22C21Q...C59Q, come with a fan as standard. Motor thermal protection class Starting time per motor class Starting current Protection class Class 10 Class 20 Class 30 y 3.5 In maximum starting time Nominal (1) 16 s Nominal +1 (2) 32 s Nominal +2 (3) 48 s (1) Nominal = nominal size of the soft starter according to the nominal motor current (Motor FLA). (2) Nominal + 1 = oversize the soft starter by one rating compared to the nominal motor current (Motor FLA). (3) Nominal + 2 = oversize the soft starter by 2 ratings compared to the nominal motor current (Motor FLA). Asynchronous motor Ts : Across the line starting torque Is : Across the line starting current Altistart 22 Ts1: Total torque range available with an Altistart 22, which is dependent on the current limit ( ILt ) setting. Load Tr: Resistive torque must always be less than the Ts1 torque, or the motor will not start. Torque Characteristic % Motor Speed

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