Altistart 22 Enclosed Altistart 22 Soft Starters Page 8 Introduction

8 Altistart 22 soft starters for asynchronous motors Introduction Functions Adjustment functions Adjustment of the Altistart 22 soft start - soft stop unit's current in line with the motor's nominal current Limiting current Selection of the type of stop (freewheel or deceleration) Soft starter performance functions Management of the three supply phases Management of the ramp and torque supplied to the motor throughout the acceleration and deceleration period (significantly less jerk) Variety of control profiles to suit different applications Integrated and automated management of the bypass function at the end of the starting process (based on a bypass contactor), while preserving electronic protection features Option of connecting the starter in the motor delta connection in series with each winding. This supports the use of a soft start - soft stop unit with a lower rating. (only applies to the ATS 22 ppp Q range) Protection functions for the motor and machine Integration of configurable motor thermal protection Thermal protection for the Altistart 22 soft start - soft stop unit Integrated processing of the PTC thermal probe with electrical isolation for optimum management for motor protection Monitoring of the duration and number of starts for better installation protection Management of stopping time before restart Protection against underloads and overcurrents in transient or steady state Automatic adjustment to the line frequency Detection of phase sequence Detection of phase loss Detection of imbalances between phases and of leakage currents (for the ATS 22 ppp S6 and S6U ranges) Functions to ease integration into control systems 3 programmable logic inputs 2 programmable N/C / N/O relay outputs Pluggable connectors for I/O Second set of parameters for motor operation Modbus serial link via RJ45 connector Display of soft start - soft stop unit and machine states Display of I/O currents and states Error log, diagnostics for soft start - soft stop unit Return to factory settings 4 LEDs on the front face (Ready, Communication, Run and Trip) Adjustment Performance Protection Integration

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