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Altistart 48 Enclosed Altistart 48 Soft Starters - Page 13 Functions


Altistart 48

soft starters for asynchronous motors Advanced Adjustment


Altistart 48 Default Settings

Function Default setting

Nominal motor current (depends on the soft starter rating) Limiting current


Acceleration ramp time

15 sec

Initial starting torque


Selection of the type of stop

Freewheel stop

Motor thermal protection

Class 10

Time before restarting

2 sec

Motor phase loss threshold


Line frequency


RUN and STOP logic inputs

2-wire or 3-wire control via wiring

Logic input LI3

Forced freewheel stop

Logic input LI4

Local mode control (serial link disabled)

Logic output LO1

Thermal motor alarm

Logic output LO2

Motor powered

Relay output R1

Fault relay

Relay output R3

Motor powered

Analog output

Motor current


(continued) 2


motor adjustment functions

In order to access the 2nd motor adjustment functions, one logic input must be assigned to the second set of motor parameters function. The adjustment functions and ranges are identical for both sets of motor parameters. The settings are as follows (see page 9): Nominal motor current Limiting current Acceleration ramp time Initial starting torque Deceleration ramp time Threshold for changing to freewheel stop mode at the end of deceleration Maximum torque limit

Communication functions

The ATS48 soft starter is supplied with an RS-485 multidrop serial link with Modbus systems protocol as standard. The serial link is configured in the Communication menu using: The address of the soft starter (0 to 31) The communication speed (4800, 9600, or 19200 bps) The format of the communication data. The following formats can be selected: - 8 data bits, odd parity, 1 stop bit - 8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit - 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit - 8 data bits, no parity, 2 stop bits The time-out (1 to 60 sec)

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