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31 Altistart 48 soft starters for asynchronous motors Accessories Accessories & Options Remote display terminal The remote keypad display can be mounted on the door of a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure. It has the same signalling display and configuration buttons as the keypad display integrated in the Altistart 48. A switch to lock access to the menus is located on the back of the keypad display. It includes: The remote keypad display A mounting kit containing a cover, screws and an IP 65 seal on the front panel A 9.82 ft (3 m) cable with a 9-pin SUB-D connector (keypad side) and an RJ45 connector (ATS48 side) Description Degree of protection Dimensions Part number Weight in mm lbs kg Remote display terminal kit IP 65 - VW3G48101 0.4 0.2 Communication modules Connection via splitter box and RJ45 connectors Description Length Part number Weight ft m lbs kg Modbus splitter box with 10 RJ45 connectors and 1 screw terminal block - LU9GC3 1.1 0.5 DeviceNet/Modbus gateway with 1 DeviceNet screw type and 1 RJ45 Modbus connection - LUFP9 0.5 .23 Cordsets for Modbus serial link with 2 RJ45 connectors 1 0.3 VW3A8306R03 0.06 0.03 3 1 VW3A8306R10 0.2 0.1 10 3 VW3A8306R30 0.22 0.1 Modbus T-junction boxes (with integrated cable) 1 0.3 VW3A8306TF03 0.4 0.2 3 1 VW3A8306TF10 0.4 0.2 Line terminators (2) (3) R = 120 & C = 1 nf - VW3A8306RC 0.02 0.01 (1) Cable depends on the type of controller or PLC (2) Sold in lots of 2 (3) Depends on the bus architecture Accessories Protection shrouds for power terminals The units ATS48C14Y, ATS48C17Y, ATS48C21Y, ATS48C25Y, and ATS48C32Y have 9 unprotected power terminals. These terminals can be fitted with protection shrouds. The protection shrouds are to be used with eyelet connections. Description For soft start - soft stop units Part number Weight lbs kg Set of 6 power terminal protection shrouds (1) ATS48C14Y and ATS48C17Y LA9F702 0.7 0.3 ATS48C21Y, ATS48C25Y, and ATS48C32Y LA9F703 0.7 0.3 (1) The soft starters have 9 unprotected power terminals Remote display terminal LA9F702 DeviceNet/Modbus gateway

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