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Altistart 48

soft starters for asynchronous motors Standard duty

Suggested Components

Additional Suggested Components for Standard Duty Applications


ATS48 Soft Starter Contactors

(1), (2), (3)



ATS48 Model IC1 IC2 SC Fusible Disconnect Circuit Breaker Isolation Contactor Reversing Contactor


Mechanical Interlock Shorting Contactor (AC1) Power Fuses Class/Rating Fuse Block


Molded Case Switch


Thermal Magnetic


ATS48D17Y LC1D09 LC1D09 (8) LC1D09 J/25 60308J HGL36000S15 HDL36030 ATS48D22Y LC1D18 LC1D18 (8) LC1D18 J/30 60308J HGL36000S15 HDL36040 ATS48D32Y LC1D25 LC1D25 (8) LC1D25 J/40 60608J HGL36000S15 HDL36050 ATS48D38Y LC1D32 LC1D32 (8) LC1D32 J/50 60608J HGL36000S15 HDL36060 ATS48D47Y LC1D40 LC1D40 (8) LC1D40 J/60 60608J HGL36000S15 HDL36080 ATS48D62Y LC1D50 LC1D50 (8) LC1D50 J/80 61038J HGL36000S15 HDL36090 ATS48D75Y LC1D80 LC1D80 (8) LC1D80 J/100 61038J HGL36000S15 HDL36100 ATS48D88Y LC1D80 LC1D80 (8) LC1D80 J/120 62003J JGL36000S25 HDL36110 ATS48C11Y LC1D115 LC1D115 (8) LC1D115 J/150 62003J JGL36000S25 HDL36150 ATS48C14Y LC1D115 LC1D115 (8) LC1D115 J/200 62003J JGL36000S25 JGL36200 ATS48C17Y LC1F150 LC1F150 LA9FF970 LC1F150 J/225 64033J LHL36000M LAL36225 ATS48C21Y LC1F185 LC1F185 LA9FG970 LC1F185 J/300 64033J LHL36000M LAL36250 ATS48C25Y LC1F225 LC1F225 LA9FJ970 LC1F225 J/350 64033J LHL36000M LAL36350 ATS48C32Y LC1F330 LC1F330 LA9FJ970 LC1F330 J/400 64033J LHL36000M LAL36400 ATS48C41Y LC1F400 LC1F400 LA9FJ970 LC1F400 J/500 6633J PJL36000S60 MGL36500 ATS48C48Y LC1F500 LC1F500 LA9FJ970 LC1F500 J/600 6633J PJL36000S60 MGL36600 ATS48C59Y LC1F500 LC1F500 LA9FJ970 LC1F500 L/700 (6) PJL36000S80 MGL36800 ATS48C66Y LC1F630 LC1F630 LA9FJ970 LC1F630 L/900 (6) PJL36000S80 MGL36900 ATS48C79Y LC1F630 LC1F630 LA9FL970 LC1F630 L/110 (6) PJL36000S10 (9) ATS48M10Y LC1F780 LC1F780 LA9FL970 LC1F780 L/1350 (6) PJL36000S10 (9) ATS48M12Y LC1F780 LC1F780 LA9FX970 LC1F780 L/1600 (6) PJL36000S12 (9)

(1) All coils are selected for 120 V, 60 Hz operation. Refer to the Digest for additional coil voltages or auxiliary contact configurations. One block may be added to each contactor. (2) Power terminals are not included with LC1-F contactors. For additional ordering information visit www.schneider-electric.com. (3) The use of transient suppressors across all contactor coils is recommended. Refer to the latest editions of Schneider Electric's full line product catalogs for selection of transient suppressors. (4) According to the National Electric Code, branch circuit overcurrent protection must be provided for each soft starter. (5) Reversing contactors for C11 through M12 soft starters must be assembled from components. Parts quantities for a basic contactor assembly, minus the power connection links and terminals, are indicated before each part number. Refer to the latest editions of Schneider Electric's full line product catalogs for power connector link and terminal kits. Reversing contactor interlock units used for the C79 through M12 soft starters are designed for vertical interlocking of the individual contactors. Horizontally interlocked contactors are used for D17 through C59 soft starters. (6) Fuse holder part number references are for Class J fuses only based on Ferraz Shawmut spring reinforced with box type connectors acceptable for Al/Cu wiring. Class L fuses require bolton connections to user-supplied power bus work. (7) The molded case switches and circuit breakers selected require the addition of operator mechanisms to allow operation from the exterior of an enclosure. Refer to the latest editions of Schneider Electric's full line product catalogs for operator mechanism information. When using a shunt trip relay for SCR fault isolation, order a disconnect switch with suffix -1021 for addition of shunt trip coil. (8) The D Line contactor is available as a reversing configuration. For these applications, change the IC1 part number prefix from LC1- to LC2- to order the IC1 and IC2 combination complete with mechanical interlocks. (9) Devices rated above 660 A have not been coordinated with circuit breakers. You must use a Class L fuse for overcurrent protection with ATS48 soft starter models C79, M10, and M12. (10) For UL508A combinations, go to www.schneider-electric.com.

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