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40 Introduction Altistart 48 soft starters for asynchronous motors Enclosed Altistart 48 Introduction The Altistart 48 Enclosed Soft Starter Controller packages the advanced functionality of the Altistart 48 soft start - soft stop unit and a disconnect means in a Type 1, Type 12, or Type 3R stand-alone enclosure. It is a pre-engineered, integrated solution for soft starting and soft stopping of standard three-phase asynchronous induction motors from 3 HP to 600 HP at 600 V. This industry leading package greatly improves your machine's performance and reliability while cutting installation costs. The Altistart 48 soft starter enclosed in this offer features many strong motor starting and stopping functions. The patented Torque Control System (TCS) provides linear starting and stopping control, independent of motor load. This feature of the Altistart 48 controls the applied motor torque, making it ideal for a wider variety of applications than a traditional voltage ramp soft start with current limit. More information on the functionalities of the Altistart 48 device enclosed in this offer can be found beginning on page 4 of this catalog. The Enclosed Altistart 48 is rated for normal and heavy duty applications. It is available with a fusible disconnect (Class 8638) or with a circuit breaker (Class 8639). The device software is factory configured to match the power and control options purchased with the enclosed controller for simple set-up. Applications The Enclosed Altistart 48 offers soft starting and deceleration functions, machine and motor protection functions, and functions for communicating with control systems. These functions are designed for use in the following normal or heavy duty applications in the buildings, food and beverage, and chemical industries: Application type Functions performed by the Altistart 48 Pumps Normal duty Better control of hydraulic transients: - Gradual pressurization of fluid in lines - Reduction of pressure surges and valve surges (in presence of line supply) - Elimination of damage to filters or spouts (irrigation) and premature wear of lines, etc. - Less stress on pipes with the reduction of pressure-over pressure phenomena Independent adjustment of the load conditions Protection against underload (running dry), loss or inversion of phases and in the event of a locked rotor Automatic switching of the motor to freewheel mode on stopping, when the flow rate of the pump drops to a low level, to prevent overheating. Conveyors Normal duty Gradual starting, reducing shocks and slipping of belts Overload control to detect faults, hard spots or jamming, or underload control to detect breaks Fans & high inertia machines Normal or Heavy duty (>30 s) Smooth starting, preventing stress on the drive chain and slipping of belts Smoke extraction" function Limitation of current and voltage drops on starting Catching on the fly of a fan rotating in reverse Detection of overload caused by clogging or underload (broken fan motor transmission) Braking torque on stopping Compressors Normal or Heavy duty (>30 s) Elimination of slipping of belts Reduction of current peaks Protection even for special motors Detection of inversion of direction of rotation of phases Contact for automatic emptying on stopping

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