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Enclosed Altistart 48 Altistart 48

soft starters for asynchronous motors


The Enclosed Altistart 48 is offered in 3 different enclosure types; UL Type 1, UL Type 12/12K, and 3R. The horsepower ratings for the Enclosed Altistart 48 are: 3-200 HP @ 208 Vac, 60 Hz 5-250 HP @ 230 Vac, 60 Hz 10-500 HP @ 460 Vac, 60 Hz 15-600 HP @ 575 Vac, 60 Hz Each Enclosed Altistart 48 contains: Current limiting provisions to achieve short circuit ratings for the unit Customer terminal blocks for 120 V control connections A disconnect (circuit breaker or fused switch) with an external handle A door mounted keypad display for diagnostics and set up AC1 duty shorting contactors which bypasses the soft starter when full voltage level is reached upon starting Various control and power contactor options may be included in the Enclosed Altistart 48 controller. Factory order specific drawings will list all included options. Load terminals (T1/T2/T3) for motor connections to the Altistart 48 soft starter. Solid state overload protection built in to the Altistart 48 soft starter. The Enclosed Altistart 48 is EGSA Class 3 Generator compliant for use on emergency/ standby generators. For information about how to apply and adjust the Enclosed Altistart 48 soft starter for a particular installation, refer to the Enclosed Altistart 48 Instruction Bulletin.

Benefits of the Enclosed Altistart 48

Reduced torque during starting - Prevents damage to material in process - Increases the life of your machine and reduces downtime Reduced current peaks on the supply during starting - Lowers plant capacity requirements - Reduces voltage sag on installations with limited capacity - Eliminates detrimental effects on other equipment driven from a weak supply Smooth acceleration and deceleration independent of changes in motor load - Ideally suited for most fans, centrifugal pumps, or other variable-torque loads - Can eliminate water hammer and check valve slamming even on difficult pumping applications Advanced protection for the motor and the installation - Selectable overload protection class, overload pre-alarm, phase loss and reversal protection, stall protection during starting, protection from material jams while running, and under-load detection Service entrance rating - Provides a factory-installed ground neutral assembly with ground wire and label for use as service entrance rated equipment SoMove setup software - Use the user friendly SoMove setup software to easily configure, set-up, and maintain the Altistart 48

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