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44 Altistart 48 soft starters for asynchronous motors Specifications Enclosed Altistart 48 Operation specifications Methods of Starting Torque Ramp Adjustable from 1 to 60 s by keypad Current Limitation Adjustable from 150% to 500% of controller rated current (In) by keypad Booster Start-up Pulse Full voltage starting for 5 cycles of 50 to 100% mains voltage, selectable by keypad. Methods of Stopping Freewheel Coast to stop on stop command Torque Deceleration Ramp Adjustable from 1 to 60 s by keypad InTele Braking Selectable by keypad. Status and Diagnostics: Digital display of motor and controller status, including: Ready/Run/Detected Fault Motor Current Motor Torque Motor Thermal State Power Factor Protection specifications Motor Thermal Overload With Full Voltage Bypass: A bimetallic or solid state Class 20 (MOD A10) overload relay is integral to the ATS48 soft starters. Without Full Voltage Bypass: A solid state thermal overload is integral to the ATS48 soft starter. Overload class is selectable as 10, 20, or 30 via keypad. Range is 50% to 100% of ATS48 soft starter rated current. Shunt-Trip Disconnect Removes all power from the controller cabinet when the Altistart 48 detects a fault condition. Isolation Contactor Removes supply power from the Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) power circuit and motor when the motor is not running or when the Altistart 48 detects a fault condition. Controller Overcurrent Protection An overcurrent protection device (OCPD) provides Type 1 coordination to the short-circuit current withstand ratings. Shorting Contactor A standard shorting contactor reduces temperature rise within the enclosure by eliminating the watts loss of the SCRs. Control of the contactor allows all forms of stopping. Thermal Switch Controllers rated for 17-62 A have one thermal switch to help protect against overheating. Controllers rated 72 A and greater have 2 thermal switches; one controls the fan, the other helps protect against overheating. Short circuit current ratings Enclosure Size Horsepower Rating 8638 Fusible Disconnect 8639 Circuit Breaker 208 V 230 V 460 V 575 V A-C 3-50 5-60 10-125 15-150 100K 65K D 60-100 75-125 150-250 200-300 100K 30K E 125-200 150-250 300-500 350-600 65K 65 or 100K 1 (1) 100K is only available when option 610 is selected. See page 51.

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