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Altistart 48

soft starters for asynchronous motors Selection criteria

Enclosed Altistart 48

Special uses

Contact Seneca Enclosed Drives TAG for additional application information and pricing for those applications requiring: Two-speed or delta-wye motors. The ATS48 soft starter can operate with a 2-speed motor. A motor demagnetizing period must elapse before changing from low speed to high speed in order to avoid anti-phase between the line supply and the motor, which would generate very high currents. Motors other than NEMA Design B High efficiency motors Low slip motors Power factor correction capacitors. Do not connect power factor correction capacitors to the terminals of a motor controlled by an ATS48 soft starter. The power factor capacitors must be controlled and connected to a line side contactor sequenced by the ATS48 at end of starting. Controller oversizing of more than 50% Non-standard trip characteristics Modifications not listed in this pricing guide Horsepower greater than those listed in this pricing guide Long motor cable lengths. Very long motor cables cause voltage drops due to the resistance of the cable. If the voltage drop is significant, it could affect the current consumption and the torque available. This criterion must be taken into account when selecting the motor and the starter. Miscellaneous application precautions. Do not use the ATS48 controller upstream of loads other than motors (i.e., transformers and resistance type loads)

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