Altistart 48 Enclosed Altistart 48 Soft Starters Page 7 Introduction

7 Altistart 48 soft starters for asynchronous motors Introduction 2 3 Example of SoMove setup software 1 Product (continued) Options & accessories Remote display terminal The Altistart 48 can be equipped with a remote display terminal. The remote keypad display can be mounted on the door of a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure. It has the same signalling display and configuration buttons as the keypad display integrated in the Altistart 48. A switch to lock access to the menus is located on the back of the keypad display. 1 Information is displayed in the form of codes or values in three 7-segment displays 2 ESC: Button for exiting the menus 3 ENT: Validation button for entering a menu or confirming the new value selected 4 Buttons for scrolling through the menus SoMove setup software SoMove setup software is user-friendly software for PC designed for configuring the Altistart 48. SoMove software incorporates various functions for the device setup phases, such as: Configuration preparation Start-up Maintenance To facilitate setup and maintenance of devices, SoMove software can use a direct USB/RJ45 cable link 1 or a Bluetooth wireless link 2 & 3 to connect to the motor control device and communicate directly to it. SoMove software is also compatible with the Multi-Loader configuration tool, used for copying device configurations to multiple devices. These tools can save a significant amount of time when loading, duplicating or editing configurations on a device. Remote display keypad 1 2 3 4

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