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Altistart 48

soft starters for asynchronous motors



(continued) Mounting recommendations

Install the Altistart 48 vertically, within 10. Do not place the Altistart 48 near sources of heat. Leave sufficient free space to ensure that the air required for cooling can circulate from the bottom to the top of the unit. Note: The IP 00 version of the Altistart 48 must be fitted with a protective cover to protect personnel against electrical contact. Protective covers are available for the ATS48C14Y to ATS48C32Y. They should be ordered separately. Mounting in an enclosure The following recommendations are for mounting an Altistart 48 in a metal wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure with degree of protection Type 1 (IP 23) or Type 12 (IP 54). Observe the mounting recommendations above. To ensure proper air circulation in the soft starter: Fit ventilation grilles Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation. If not, install forced ventilation with a filter. The openings and/or fans must provide a flow rate at least equal to that of the soft starter fans (see the table below) Use special filters with Type 12 (IP 54) protection. For non-ventilated Altistart 48 soft starters (ATS48D17Y and 48D22Y) in metal wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosures with Type 12 (IP 54) degree of protection, install no more than 2 in. (50 mm) below the soft starter to circulate the air inside the enclosure in order to avoid hot spots.

2 50 2 50 4 100 4 100 0.4 10

mm inches

104 F (40 C) 104 F (40 C)

Fan Flow Rate Depending On The Soft Starter Rating

ATS48 Soft Start Flow rate CFM Flow rate m


/hour ATS48D32Y and D38Y 24 14 ATS48D47Y 48 28 ATS48D62Y to C11Y 146 86 ATS48C14Y and C17Y 235 138 ATS48C21Y to C32Y 476 280 ATS48C41Y to C66Y 1020 600 ATS48C29Y to M12Y 2040 1200

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