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Altistart 48

soft starters for asynchronous motors Adjustment


Adjustment functions

Nominal motor current (maximum permanent current) The nominal current of the soft starter can be adapted to the nominal motor current indicated on the nameplate. Adjustment range: 0.4 to 1.3 times the soft starter nominal current. Limiting current The maximum starting current can be adjusted. Adjustment range: 150% to 700% of the nominal motor current. Limited to 500% of the maximum permanent current defined for the soft starter rating. Acceleration ramp time During the starting phase, the ATS48 soft starter applies a torque ramp to the motor. The ramp time ( ACC ) corresponds to the time it takes the ramp to reach the nominal torque (starting at 0). Adjustment range: 1 to 60 s. Initial starting torque The initial torque ( tq0 ) applied to the motor can be used to instantly overcome any resistive starting torque. Adjustment range: 0 to 100% of the nominal motor torque. Selection of the type of stop Three types of stop are available: InTele braking - The braking torque level ( brc ) can be adjusted. The dynamic braking time ( T1 ) corresponds to the time taken to decelerate from 100% to 20% of the nominal motor speed. To improve braking at the end of deceleration, the soft starter injects a DC current for an adjustable period of time ( T2 ). It produces less motor heating than traditional DC injection braking. TCS soft stop (pump application) - This type of stop enables a centrifugal pump to decelerate gradually on a ramp in order to avoid a sudden stop. It can be used to dampen the hydraulic transient in order to significantly reduce pressure surges. The deceleration ramp time ( dEC ) can be adjusted. During deceleration, the pump flow rate decreases and becomes negligible at a certain speed. To continue to decelerate would serve no purpose. A torque threshold ( EdC ) can be set at which the motor will change to freewheel stop mode, avoiding the unnecessary heating of the motor and the pump. Freewheel motor stop (default setting)

100 tq0 = 40 80 60 40 20 0 %Tn ACC t

Acceleration ramp during time ( ACC ) with initial starting torque tq0 = 40% of the nominal motor torque 100 80 60 40 20 0 dEC EdC % Tn t

End of controlled deceleration

Decelerated stop by torque control during time ( dEC ) with threshold ( EdC ) for changing to freewheel stop mode EdC = 40% of nominal motor torque

TCS soft stop

100 20 0 T1 T2 brc = 20 brc = 100 t %Tn

InTele braking stops for different braking torque levels ( brc )


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