Altivar 12 Variable Speed Drives Page 14 Accessories and Options

14 Altivar 12 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Description For drives Part number Weight lbs kg SoMove lite setup software ATV12 pppppp - USB/RJ45 cable ATV12 pppppp TCSMCNAM3M002P - Modbus/Uni-Telway-Bluetooth adaptor ATV12 pppppp TCSWAAC13FB 0.1 USB - Bluetooth adaptor for PC VW3A8115 0.4 0.2 Simple Loader tool For duplicating one drive configuration on another drive. The drives must be powered-up. The tool is supplied with a cordset equipped with 2 RJ45 connectors. Multi-Loader tool (1) For copying a configuration on a PC or drive and duplicating it on another drive. The Altivar 12 drives do not need to be powered-up. Supplied with the tool: b 1 cordset equipped with 2 RJ45 connectors b 1 cordset equipped with a USB type A connector and a USB Mini-B type connector b 1 x 2 GB SD memory card b 1 female/female RJ45 adaptor b 4 AA/LR6 1.5 V batteries Cordset for Multi-Loader tool (2) For connecting the Multi-Loader tool to the Altivar 12 drive in its packaging. Equipped with a non-locking RJ45 connector with special mechanical catch on the drive end and an RJ45 connector on the Multi-Loader end. Description For drives Part number Weight lbs kg Simple Loader tool ATV12 pppppp VW3A8120 - Multi-Loader tool (1) ATV12 pppppp VW3A8121 - Cordset for Multi-Loader tool (2) ATV12 pppppp in its packaging VW3A8126 - (1) Also includes other components for connecting compatible Schneider Electric devices. TCSWAAC13FB Configuring the drive in its packaging with the Multi-Loader tool VW3A8121+ cordset VW3A8126 1 2 Configuration tools SoMove lite setup software SoMove is PC user-friendly setup software for the device that allows users to: Configure Start-up Maintain USB/RJ45 cable Equipped with a USB connector and an RJ45 connector. For connecting a PC to the Altivar 12 drive. Length: 8.2 ft., 2.5 m Modbus/Uni-Telway-Bluetooth adaptor For establishing a Bluetooth wireless connection between the Altivar 12 drive and a PC equipped with a Bluetooth wireless link. Pack contents: b 1 Bluetooth adaptor (range 65.6 ft., 20 m, class 2) with an RJ45 connector b For SoMove : 3.3 x .3 ft., 1 x 0.1 m, cordset with 2 RJ 45 connectors (1) b For TwidoSuite : 3.3 x .3 ft, 1 x 0.1 m, cordset with 1 RJ 45 connector and 1 connector of mini DIN type USB - Bluetooth adaptor for PC Required for a PC which is not equipped with Bluetooth technology. Connects to a USB port on the PC. Range of 10 m (class 2).

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