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Altivar 1260 Medium Voltage Drives - Page 11 Introduction


Altivar 1260

MV variable speed drive

Introduction Easy to use Human-Machine-Interface (HMI), Broad communications and Web Application

HMI capabilities

Control the converter: start/stop status and sequencing, view ready-for-use / ready-to-run status Access drive measurements: DC bus voltage, output voltage, output current, output active power, speed, torque Identify the source of power and torque limitations Adjust converter IP configuration View sensor temperatures, alarms and trips Evaluate conditions necessary to run Access and set software limits and conditions Work on encoders in manual or automatic mode Export data for further analysis Establish multiple access levels per user type

The HMI operator panels communicate with the converter CCU (Converter Control Unit) through the Modbus RTU communications or Modbus TCP communications protocol. A series of panels are used to monitor and control the most common features of the converter. The most common panels, such as those that display the trips and alarms of the converter, are accessible from any level of the application.

When a new alarm occurs, the trips/ alarms screen access buttons blink. The background color depends on the alarm severity. To make relevant information more visible, some buttons and tags will take different colors according to the following code:

Inactive signal / conditions not fulfilled Conditions fulfilled Active signal Lockout or Shutdown Trip

Color code Top Level Menu

(Level 1 panels)


(Local converter control)

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