Altivar 1260 Medium Voltage Drives Page 14 Introduction

Introduction 14 Altivar 1260 MV variable speed drive Transformer Rectifier duty, VPI, AA/FA, 8% impedance, K-factor, 150 degree C rise, AL conductor, 60KV BIL primary, 30KV BIL secondary, 55-71 dB(a) sound level based on rating Control Vector, sensorless (in some applications) Cooling Forced air with multi-speed fan Output Frequency 0 to 100 HZ Drive efficiency DFE 97.7% @ 100% rated operating point (converter only) Semiconductors Press pack diodes / MV IGBT's (6,500 V for 4,160V drives) Drive protections Overcurrent, Ground Fault, Output Short Circuit, Over / Low Voltage on DC Bus, Semiconductor status, Cooling status, Motor Phases Unbalance; Motor protection: Overload, Overspeed Max dv/dt 50V / microsecond Static speed accuracy * Constant flux < .01%; Field Weakening < .01%* Static torque accuracy * Constant Flux < 1%; Field Weakening < 1%* Shaft torque ripple Constant Flux < 1%; Field Weakening < 1% THDi <2% Torque response < 6 ms Protection Type 1 (IP21) Environmental 40 degrees C ambient, < 1000m elevation, < 80 dB(A) @ 1 meter Analog Inputs Available: 4 Analog Outputs Available: 4 Digital Inputs Available: 20 Digital Outputs Available: 20 Drive Grounding System Emergency stop (on cabinet door) Isolation Meter Touch Screen (with SCADA) Output sine wave filter (LCR low pass filter) Pre-charge and Discharge System Key Interlock System Fan Heaters to Avoid Condensation in Enclosures Conformal Coated Boards Flying Restart Function Voltage Drop Functionality Integrated UPS Integrated PLC (inside CCU) Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) Web Application Front access quality enclosure Close-coupled or separate transformer Converter type Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) Power range 700 to 6,500 HP Motor voltage range 4.16 KV Output topology 3 Level NPC Line side topology 24 /36 pulse diode front end (DFE) General technical specifications Overview Options Technical Description dv/dt Filter, Redundant Fan Set, NEMA 2 (IP42), Dynamic Braking Chopper, Input / Output Isolation Switch, top cable connection, Multi-motor, Multi-winding, Redundant Encoder, Profibus DP or CAN Open Communications Standards * Closed Loop

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