Altivar 1260 Medium Voltage Drives Page 17 Value proposals

Value Propositions 17 Altivar 1260 MV variable speed drive Reduced energy consumption 3 level NPC inverter with MV-IGBT's lowers parts count and raises efficiency Simple design with low converter losses High frequency switching Low loss cooling system High performance filters State-of-the-art semiconductors Easy maintenance and repair Front access with slide out power modules (MTTR < 30 minutes) Electric / fiber optic connectors Door-in-door LV compartment All major components and wiring are easily accessible with standard tools Superior motor and grid protection 24/36-pulse diode front end minimizes grid harmonics- meeting IEEE519 Standard sine wave filter provides a motor friendly wave form. Less stress on motor insulation and bearings Sine wave filter accommodates non-converter rated motors and long cable lengths Motor overload, over-speed protection Powerful operator interfaces Easy to navigate local HMI that monitors and controls most common converter features, trips and alarms Web application for remote monitoring, configuration, diagnostics, control, data recording, parameter setting, alarm history and backup Easily adapted to your process Scalable range of power ratings and configurations available Can accommodate new or retrofit situations Common design philosophy across entire power range provides maximum flexibility, and versatility Lower total cost of ownership High quality, conservatively rated components raises MTBF Intuitive diagnostics and slide out power modules lowers start-up and repair times Scalable and modular architecture helps save commissioning and operator training time High converter efficiency helps save energy

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