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Value Propositions


Altivar 1260

MV variable speed drive

Energy Management

Discharge circuit to dissipate remaining voltage with key interlock system Door-in-door low voltage compartment Flame retardant and halogen-free properties Wiring and cable ducts E-stop button on front door

Higher availability and uptime

Simple, modern and straightforward design Extensive testing and strict adherence to ISO9001 quality standards MTTR < 30 minutes with slide out power modules, quick disconnect control cables All components are well within design parameters and operating limits system MTBF >79,000 hours

Helps guard your investment

Integrated UPS enables a controlled shutdown of the converter in the event of a loss of control power Extensive diagnostics combined with data gathering and plotting capability Full complement of drive protections Ultra-fast acting fuses for diode protection

Tailored solutions that optimize your ROI

Wide selection of options and configurations engineered to your process requirements High processing capacity, advanced software tools, strong connectivity options External I/O, with an integrated PLC Highly configurable structure Firmware: new control algorithms compatible with different solutions

Longer equipment working life

Conservative, high quality components: film capacitors, board varnishing, tin plated copper bus, leading enclosures, anti-condensation heaters, press-pack diodes Multi-speed fan keeps equipment cool

Broad capabilities, and engineering expertise

Proved track record of successful projects State-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified staff with robust testing capabilities Adherence to the latest codes and standards Commitment and culture around R&D, custom solutions, and customer satisfaction Full life cycle services and support

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