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Altivar 1260 Medium Voltage Drives - Page 23 General cabinet layout

General cabinet layout


Altivar 1260

MV variable speed drive

Input/output cabinet components

The main function of the input/output cabinet is to provide interconnection with the client. The input/output filters, rectifier protection and other parts identified in figure are also included. This equipment will include different components depending on the type of grid and motor connection. The cabinet contains 12 fuses to protect the 2 x 12P rectifiers. A standard sine wave filter (LCR network) is provided to control voltage derivatives and provide a high quality motor waveform. This filter allows for longer cable lengths and use with standard non-converter duty motors. Additional benefits are: Low harmonics (THDi< 2%) Reduced common mode current = less bearing wear Reduced motor shaft torque ripple (<1%) Reduced peak voltage at motor terminals (<= 6KV) Reduced dv/dt at motor terminals (<=50V per microsecond) Less overall motor stress = increased life span

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