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Rectifier power stack (DFE)


Altivar 1260

MV variable speed drive

This equipment contains live parts. Carefully read all instructions and consult your local service representative before replacing any component. The Altivar 1260 is designed for ease of maintenance utilizing main power and control components that are accessible and simple to remove and replace. As with the optional chopper, replacement of the rectifier is very similar to removal of the basic power module (BPM): Disconnect the equipment, open the MCB and ground the equipment. Verify absence of voltage (in the DC bus and busbar) using a multimeter. Disconnect the power cables marked in the following figure Release the mechanical support screws: Pull the handle to remove the rectifier.

Release the rectifier power cables Release the mechanical supports Qty 2-24 pulse diode front end power stacks

1 2

Pull the handle to remove the rectifier


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