Altivar 1260 Medium Voltage Drives Page 27 Basic power module

Basic power module (BPM) 27 Altivar 1260 MV variable speed drive Elements in one stack Electrical diagram of an inverter phase 3-Level NPC Inverter IGBT module and the driver Electronic card of the driver is assembled directly on the IGBT, avoiding electromagnetic interferences The BPM is a removable modular subunit equipped with a guiding system that facilitates assembly and disassembly of the unit. The BPM is composed by: 4 IGBTs with their drivers 4 power supplies for the drivers 2 Balance resistors 2 Diodes 1 Heat sink Fast plugs for fiber optics & control This card is tripped and monitored by a fiber optic pair; 1 route for the input of pulses to the gate (Gate pulse) and the other to return IGBT status. For isolation purposes, each driver is supplied with an external power supply of 15Vdc. The protections included in the driver are: Short-circuit detection Overvoltage protection by active clamping Over temperature detection; a PT100 with a thermal contact at the point of the heat sink considered to be the hottest. The heat sink is electrically connected to the midpoint of the DC Bus Component Characteristics Basic Power Module (BPM) Grid voltage: 3.3KV / 4.17KV Semiconductor type: MV- IGBT Topology: 3 Level NPC Cooling: Forced Air Dimensions (HxWxD) 9.5 x 19.9 x 25 inches Weight: 148 lbs Inverter power stack

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