Altivar 1260 Medium Voltage Drives Page 33 Programmable logic controller

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) 33 Altivar 1260 MV variable speed drive Application control PLC programming Based on standard IEC 61131-3 CoDeSys by 3-S Software gives the interface to program PLC Textual and Graphic Languages included in IEC 61131: O IL (Instruction List). O ST (Structured Text). O FBD (Function Block Diagram). O LD (Ladder Diagram). O SFC (Sequential Function Chart) PLC program includes All drive control logics: Precharge, Cooling, AFE, Inverter Customized application logics Fieldbus communications HMI communications Libraries Drive control logics give the same flexibility as the HW and Control Software to fit all possible configurations It is programmed in a Library of Function Blocks which are easy to integrate with the hardware configuration and the particular application logic It includes the most common logics in the Industrial and Marine Enviroment: Flying Start, Torque Control, Overloads, B.O. prevention, Power limitation Customization Application Engineer can program extra logic and integrate it with the library blocks of the drive Effectively manage drive related logic and I/O Application Example Integrated inside the CPU of the Control Converter Unit (CCU)

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