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10 Altivar 212 variable speed drives Introduction Product The compact nature of the Altivar 212 range simplifies installation and reduces costs by optimizing the size of enclosures (whether floor-standing or wall-mounted). Altivar 212 drives can be mounted in a variety of ways to adapt to the needs of an installation. They can be mounted side by side, and can also be wall-mounted in compliance with UL Type 1 requirements using kits VW3A3181 p and VW3A920 p . They are designed to operate in an enclosure at an ambient temperature of + 40C or + 50C depending on the model, without derating, or from + 50C or + 60C depending on the model, with derating. The Altivar 212 drive includes 3 logic inputs, 2 analog inputs, 1 analog output and 2 relay outputs (with 1 NO and 1 NO/NC contacts). It also includes an integrated 4 digit, 7 segment LED display with 7 button keypad, as well as RJ45 Modbus port, plus a 4 screw removable terminal block for software selectable BACnet, Modbus, METASYS N2 or APOGEE P1 communication protocols. LonWorks is available in an option card. Numerous configuration tools The Altivar 212 range offers a wide range of dialogue and configuration tools that make it quick, easy and cost-effective to install. LCD Keypad (3) The Altivar 212 drive ( 1 ) can be used with the remote graphic display keypad, common to all Schneider Electric's variable speed drive ranges. This keypad is very user-friendly when performing startup and maintenance operations thanks to its full-text screen, online help screens and text in the user's language (6 factory-installed languages available). It can be remotely mounted on an enclosure door with IP 54 or IP 65 degree of protection. SoMove software (2) SoMove software is a PC based application. It can be used to edit the Altivar 212 drive parameters, save configurations, import them from a PC and export them to a PC. Multi-Loader configuration tool (4) The Multi-Loader tool enables configurations to be copied from a PC or a drive and duplicated on another drive. The Altivar 212 drives must be powered-up. Quick menu tool The Altivar 212 drive offers a quick setup function in the form of its Quick menu, which includes the 10 key installation parameters (acceleration, deceleration, motor parameters, etc.). Free iPad app (5) The Altivar 212 drive can be connected directly to an iPad with optional 30-pin mobile to RS485 with RJ45 connector converter cable (model VW3A8151R20U). Side-by-side mounting of Altivar 212 drives Example of dialogue and configuration tools associated with the Altivar 212 range 3 4 5 2 1

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