Altivar 212 Variable Speed Drives Page 11 Introduction

11 Altivar 212 variable speed drives Introduction Functions Dedicated functions for ventilation applications Noise reduction due to the switching frequency, which is adjustable up to 16 kHz during operation Automatic catching of a spinning load with speed detection Adaptation of current limiting according to speed Reference calibration and limitation Protection functions Smoke purge system (forced operation with fault inhibition) Damper control with end switch interlock Machine protection via skip frequency function (resonance suppression). Dedicated functions for pumping applications Sleep/wake-up Protection functions Protection against overloads and overcurrents in continuous operation (pump jamming) Machine mechanical protection with control of operating direction Protection of the installation by means of underload and overload detection Universal functions designed specifically for building applications Energy saving ratio Auto-tuning Integrated PID regulator with preset references and automatic/manual ("Auto/Man.") mode Automatic ramp adaptation, ramp switching, ramp profile Switching between sets of motor rating data (Multimotor) Switching of references and run command using the LOC/REM key Preset speeds Monitoring, measurement of energy consumption kWh and elapsed run time meters Protection functions Motor and drive thermal protection, via a built-in PTC thermistor probe Protection via management of multiple detected faults and configurable alarms Example of an application requiring the use of dedicated building functions

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