Altivar 212 Variable Speed Drives Page 16 Specifications

16 Altivar 212 variable speed drives Specifications Additional Information Integrated Fan and Pump Functionality Run command Input to drive by remote contact from the BAS, 24 vdc supplied by VFD Speed command Input to drive from the BAS; typically 4-20mAdc or 0-10 Vdc Run status Output contact from drive to the BAS; 1 N.O. contact on drive Speed feedback Analog output from drive to the BAS; typically 4-20mAdc, or assignable to meter values Detected Fault Output contact from drive to the BAS; 1 N.O. & 1 N.C. contact on drive Loss of Speed Configuration to run at last speed or a pre-defined speed on loss of speed command Automatic Restart Selectable configuration to automatically restart after cause of the detected fault is cleared Skip Frequency Bands Three skip frequency settings with adjustable bandwidth to tune out resonating frequencies in piping or ductwork Local/Remote Control Keypad selectable: local keypad control for Run, Stop and speed control or from remote signal from BAS Catch on the fly configuration to initiate speed and direction search to provide smooth start of windmilling fans Damper Control Relay Output on the drive to control damper opening sequence, and wait for feedback to start the motor Smoke Purge Override Logic Input on the drive configured to run the motor at configured speed for forced ventilation Broken Belt Detection Configuration to detect under load condition and initiate alarm sequence PID Control Set point and feedback inputs for proportional, integral, and derivative control Sleep/Wake-up Configuration in the drive to stop the pump at low or no flow and re-start on demand for flow Pump Jam Management Configuration to manage blocked pump impeller Motor direction protection Configuration to avoid operation in reverse direction Typical Air Handling Applications HVAC supply and return fans Exhaust and ventilation fans Cooling tower fans Energy recovery wheels Typical pumping Harmonic Abatement Embedded reduced harmonic technology provides <35% THDI at VFD input terminals, which is equivalent to a 3% line reactor or DC choke. Power Factor Above 99% Efficiency Above 96% at full load

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