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23 Altivar 212 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Optional LonWorks communication card The Altivar 212 drive can also be connected to the LonWorks network by using the communication card (4) available as an option. It is connected by replacing the standard card (3) on the drive. The connections are identical to those on the standard card: An RJ45 communication port for the Modbus serial link: this network port is mainly assigned to the remote graphic display keypad (Drive Navigator). It is also used to connect: The Multi-Loader configuration tool The Bluetooth serial link A Magelis industrial HMI terminal iPad using 30-pin mobile to RJ485 cable A screw terminal block for the Modbus serial link and the LonWorks network (optimized solution for daisy chain connection). This screw terminal block is assigned to control and signalling by a PLC or by another type of controller. The Altivar 212 drive can be controlled using the LonWorks 6010 (Variable Speed Motor Drive) and LonWorks 0000 (Node Object) profiles. LonWorks communication card VW3 A21 212 3 Replacement of the drive standard card (3) with the Lonworks communication card (4) 4 LonWorks communication All the drive functions can be accessed via the network: Control Monitoring Adjustment Configuration The speed control and reference may come from different sources: I/O terminals Communication network Drive Navigator The advanced functions of the Altivar 212 enable switching of these drive control sources to be managed in accordance with the application requirements. Communication is monitored according to criteria specific to each protocol. However, regardless of the protocol, it is possible to configure how the drive responds to a communication fault: Freewheel stop, stop on ramp or braked stop Maintain last command received Description Part number Weight lbs kg LONWORKS communication card VW3A21212 0.4 0.2 iPad Programming The iPad application can perform the following programming actions: Create parameter files Validate drive configurations Upload, download or clone drive settings Retain digital file copies of drive settings Links to all product information embedded in app

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