Altivar 212 Variable Speed Drives Page 30 S-Flex enclosed variable speed drives

30 Introduction S-Flex enclosed variable speed drives Introduction Take advantage of the Altivar 212 features by selecting the S-Flex enclosed version. The S-Flex provides an Altivar 212 packaged with the most common options required for commercial fan and pump applications. The S-Flex drive is an enclosed frequency converter for 1-100 HP, 0.75-75 kW three-phase asynchronous motors . Save Time Because specifying drives can be time-consuming, the S-Flex drive includes the most common requirements in HVAC specifications for fan and pump applications, such as: Simple start-up including preprogrammed parameters Quick installation with EZ-M mounting Easy wiring conduit knockouts on the enclosure Dedicated wiring terminal block Stock availability with bypass and main circuit breaker Save Money Offering unmatched value in installed cost and functionality, the S-Flex drive allows building owners, consulting engineers, and contractors to focus on the essentials of demanding commercial building applications. More than dollars and cents, you'll save with: Industry-leading reduced harmonic technology - eliminating the need for line reactors and DC chokes Energy savings - designed with energy economizing motor algorithms that maximize energy savings by reducing electricity usage Internal PID regulator - allowing flow rates to be adjusted for actual needs without additional hardware Reduced equipment maintenance cost and downtime 24/7 live technical support Think Green The S-Flex enclosed drive assists with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Green buildings enhance occupant comfort and health, decrease vacancy rates, increase building valuation, and improve the bottom line by reducing operating costs. A building that runs smoothly ensures comfortable tenants, and comfortable tenants mean less vacancy. Going green with the S-Flex drive offers: Building owners the ability to take advantage of state and local government energy incentives More marketable buildings to tenants seeking energy-efficient/sustainable facilities Retrofitting to existing systems The most efficient method of reduced speed and load control Think Green $ Save Money Save Time

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