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Solutions for every stage of your equipment's life cycle

Schneider Electric provides services far beyond meeting your immediate needs for application or equipment repair. We take a long-term, holistic approach to determine your facility and operational needs and develop a strategy for improving the performance of your people, systems, and processes. Schneider Electric provides services from system design and consulting, to maintenance support, modernization of your installation, and project delivery. Schneider Electric provides the people, tools, and processes to help maximize your business's infrastructure. Our expertise enables you to cut costs, reduce energy consumption, and keep your systems up and running through routine maintenance, added enhancements, and migrations to new state-of-the-art functionality.

>When it comes to your automation equipment, we can help you

Increase productivity Improve reliability and safety Mitigate risk and limit downtime Keep equipment up to date Extend the life of your installed base Cut costs and increase savings Improve your return on investment

> Start-up and commissioning

Expert installation support to provide assistance in the start-up of your new system. Service includes a comprehensive power-up and diagnostic check on system components to minimize risk and optimize operation.

> Technical training

Training offered on-site, off-site, or online for Schneider Electric automation products taught by professional instructors with up-to-date knowledge of our latest hardware and software.

> Remote technical support

Comprehensive online and phone support from experts specially trained on Schneider Electric drive products, helping to reduce downtime and costs and optimize your system's life cycle.

> On-site technical support

Support service to perform regular maintenance, upgrades, and conversion assistance, small application and programming assistance, on-the-job training, equipment repair, support and troubleshooting, even in emergency situations.

> Preventative maintenance

Maintenance programs to scan for, and proactively detect, potential issues or problems with your automation system to help you avoid the costs of unscheduled downtime and short equipment service life. Also serves to extend the life of your installed base by using our services to properly maintain your equipment.

> Industrial repair services

Repair capabilities for over 400,000 part numbers from more than 2,500 manufacturers at our Greensboro, NC repair facility. Repair is available for both Schneider Electric and non-Schneider Electric equipment.

> Spare parts management

Save money and reduce downtime through our parts management program. An on-site assessment is performed to determine parts and inventory levels needed to maintain proper system operation and reduce downtime and inventory costs.

> Migration and modernization

Realize the productivity benefits of the latest Schneider Electric automation technology by using our assessment tools to identify and implement replacement of your legacy automation products, regardless of brand. We make extensive use of existing hardware and wiring for a cost-effective solution with minimal downtime.

> Software renewals

Access the latest software, firmware, and custom options to ensure you always have the latest functionality available to optimize your system's life cycle.

> Extended warranty

Extend your Schneider Electric standard manufacturer warranty from one year to five years. Protection plans are tailored to your needs reducing costs and out-of-service time.

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