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Altivar 212 variable speed drives




The Altivar 212 range of variable speed drives extends across a range of motor power ratings from 1 HP to 100 HP,0.75 kW to 75 kW with the following types of power supply: 200 & 240 V three-phase, 1 HP to 40 HP, 0.75 kW to 30 kW, IP 21 ( ATV 212H ppp M3X ) 380 & 480 V three-phase, 1 HP to 100 HP, 0.75 kW to 75 kW, IP 21 ( ATV 212H ppp N4 ) 380 & 480 V three-phase, 1 HP to 100 HP, 0.75 kW to 75 kW, UL Type 12/IP 55 ( ATV 212W ppp N4 and ATV 212W ppp N4C ) Altivar 212 drives are compact IP 21 or UL Type 12/IP 55 products which meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements and reduce current harmonics, causing minimal temperature rise in the cables.

Compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for the protection of equipment

The built-in EMC filters in ATV 212 pppp N4 and ATV 212W ppp N4C drives and compliance with EMC requirements simplify installation and provide a very economical means of ensuring devices meet the criteria to receive the e mark. The EMC filters can be used to meet the requirements of the IEC/EN 61800-3, category C2 or C3 for ATV 212 pppp N4, category C1 for ATV 212W ppp N4C . ATV 212H ppp M3X drives have been designed without an EMC filter. Filters are available as an option and can be installed by the user to reduce emission levels.

Innovative technology for managing harmonics

Thanks to its Reduced Harmonic Technology (RHT), the Altivar 212 drive offers immediate, disturbance-free operation. This technology avoids having to resort to additional options such as a line choke or DC choke to deal with current harmonics. This makes it possible to obtain a THDI


of less than 35%, a much lower value than the 48% level of THDI imposed by standard IEC/EN 61000-3-12. With the Altivar 212 range, you avoid the cost of adding a line choke or DC choke, you reduce the time spent on wiring, you optimize the enclosure size and you reduce the losses. This technology can also triple the service life of the DC capacitors.

Better management of motor disturbance

The Altivar 212 offers optional motor chokes which can increase the maximum cable lengths between the drive and the motor and limit disturbance at the motor terminals.

ATV 212H075M3X ATV 212W075N4, ATV 212W075N4C ATV 212HD22N4 An innovative technology for managing current harmonics: cable temperature rise reduction technology

4 0 8 100 60 80 120 (%)

ATV 212 Typical use THDI


Reduced Harmonic Technology (RHT)

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