Altivar 312 Variable Speed Drives Page 10 Introduction

10 Altivar 312 variable speed drives Functions Functions (continued) Ramp switching This function is used to switch two acceleration and deceleration ramp times, which can be adjusted separately. Ramp switching can be enabled by: A logic input A frequency threshold A combination of logic input and frequency threshold This function is suitable for: Material handling with smooth starting and approach Machines with fast steady state speed correction Automatic adaptation of deceleration ramp This function is used to automatically adapt the deceleration ramp if the initial setting is too low for the inertia of the load. It avoids the drive locking in the event of an overbraking detected fault. The function is suitable for all applications which do require precise stopping and do not use braking resistors. Automatic adaptation must be cancelled if the machine has position control with stopping on a ramp and a braking resistor installed. It is automatically disabled if the brake sequence is configured. f(Hz) 0 1 LI4 0 1 AC2 ACC Forward or reverse dE2 dEC Acceleration 1 (ACC) and deceleration 1 (dEC): - Adjustment 0.1 to 999.9 s - Factory setting 3 s Acceleration 2 (AC2) and deceleration 2 (dE2): - Adjustment 0.1 to 999.9 s - Factory setting 5 s HSP: high speed HSP Example of switching using lgic input LI4

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