Altivar 312 Variable Speed Drives Page 25 Specifications

Specifications I/O & Control Altivar 312 variable speed drives 25 I/O & Control specifications (continued) Acceleration and deceleration ramps Ramp profiles: Linear, can be adjusted separately from 0.1 to 999.9 s S, U or customized Automatic adaptation of deceleration ramp time if braking capacities exceeded, possible inhibition of this adaptation (use of a braking resistor) Braking to a standstill By DC injection: b By a command on a logic input (LI1 to LI6) Automatically as soon as the estimated output frequency drops to < 0.5 Hz, period adjustable from 0 to 30 s or continuous, current adjustable from 0 to 1.2 In Main drive protection and safety features Thermal protection against overheating Protection against short-circuits between motor phases Input phase loss protection, for three-phase supply Protection against motor phase breaks Overcurrent protection between motor output phases and ground Line supply overvoltage and undervoltage safety features Motor protection Thermal protection integrated in the drive by continuous calculation of the l 2 t Dielectric strength Between ground and power terminals ATV312H ppp M2 ATV312H ppp M3 2040 V c ATV312H ppp N4 2410 V c ATV312H ppp S6 2550 V c Between control and power terminals ATV312H ppp M2 ATV312H ppp M3 2880 V a ATV312H ppp N4 3400 V a ATV312H ppp S6 3600 V a Signalling Display coded by one 4-digit display (messages, values) and 5 status LEDs (current mode, CANopen bus) Frequency resolution Display units Hz 0.1 Analog inputs Hz Resolution = ((high speed - low speed)/1024) Min. value = 0.1 Time constant on a change of reference ms 5 Specifications

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