Altivar 312 Variable Speed Drives Page 31 Short Circuit Current Ratings

31 Altivar 312 variable speed drives Short Circuit Current Ratings (1) This column shows the maximum prospective short-circuit current value for which these Altivar 312 drives can be installed on without adding impedance. Electrical distribution systems with a higher prospective short-circuit current will cause higher input currents in the front end of the drive. Add inductance referred to in the table at the input of the drive if installing the drive on a system with higher prospective short-circuit current. A 3% (minimum) input line reactor or equivalent inductance is required for the 500/600 Vac Altivar 312 drives and provides the listed value with the listed fuse protection. (2) An output short-circuit test was performed for 100 kA. In addition to this test, a breakdown of components test was performed by shorting components internal to the drive. These ratings allow proper coordination of short-circuit protection. (3) Ratings also apply to ATV312 Type 1 product, i.e.: an ATV312 fitted with a conduit box. (4) Ratings apply to an ATV312 mounted in a non-ventilated Type 1, 3R, 4(X) or 12 rated enclosure. Minimum enclosure volume is 3.375 times the drive volume. (5) 480Y/277V ratings are for Wye connected electrical distribution systems only. GV2P pp self protected manual combination starter must be used with GV2GH7 insulating barrier to meet UL 508 Type E rating. GV3P pp must be used with GV3G66 and GVAM11 in order to meet UL508 Type E rating. (6) Fuse type: Class J, can be fast acting or time delay, or Class CC. (7) Available also for B products. Example: ATV312H018M3B (8) UL508C Par. 57.1 requires publishing the standard Type E combination motor controller power rating since this is a basic identification marking of the Type E devices. However, when applied as an input overcurrent protective device for a drive, the rated current of the Type E combination motor controller, not the rated power, is the key parameter for dimensioning (reference UL508C paragraph 45.8.11 and 45.8.12). Schneider Electric GV p P Type E combination motor controllers are adjustable, their current range is shown on the adjustment dial and their selection is based on the input current and not power rating of the drive.

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