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Altivar 312

variable speed drives


The Altivar 312 drive is a frequency inverter for 200 to 600 V three-phase asynchronous motors from 0.25 hp (0.18 kw) to 20 hp (15 kW). The Altivar 312 drive is robust, compact and easy to install. Its integrated functions are particularly suitable for the requirements of applications involving simple industrial machines. By taking into account product setup and use, starting at the design stage, we are able to offer a reliable, cost-effective solution to manufacturers of simple machines and installers. With its various communication cards that are available as options, the Altivar 312 drive integrates perfectly in the main control system architectures. Examples of solutions provided: Numerous options for loading, editing and saving drive configurations using various tools, such as the SoMove setup software, remote display terminals and the Simple Loader and Multi Loader configuration tools. Adaptation to industrial communication buses and networks by simply replacing the drive control I/O card with one of the communication cards Simple user interface makes setup easy, and enables those using it to adapt quickly.



The Altivar 312 drive incorporates functions that are suitable for the most common applications, including: Material handling (small conveyors, hoists, etc.) Packing/packaging machines (small bagging machines, labeling machines, etc.) Special machines (mixers, kneaders, textile machines, etc.) Pumps, compressors, fans

Materials handling Pumps, compressors, fans Textile machines Packaging and packing

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