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Altivar 312

variable speed drives

Accessories & Options

Configuration tools

Remote display terminal


This terminal is used to locate the human-machine interface of the Altivar 312 drive remotely on the door of an enclosure with IP 54 or IP 65 protection. It is used to: Control, adjust and configure the drive remotely Display the drive status and detected faults remotely Its maximum operating temperature is 122 F (50C). 1 4-digit display 2 Navigation , and selection ENT, ESC keys 3 Motor local control keys: RUN: starts the motor FWD/REV: reverses the direction of rotation of the motor STOP/RESET: stops the motor/resets drive detected faults 4 Operating mode selection key MODE. 5 Cover for optional access to the motor local control keys.

Description Degree of protection Length Part numbers Weight ft m lbs kg Remote display terminals A remote cable must be provided, VW3A1104R pp IP 54 - VW3A1006 0.55 0.25 IP 65 - VW3A1007 0.61 0.28 Remote cables equipped with 2 RJ45 connectors 3.3 1 VW3A1104R10 0.11 0.05 9.8 3 VW3A1104R30 0.33 0.15

Remote graphic display terminal


This graphic display terminal, common to all the variable speed drive ranges, provides a user-friendly interface for configuration, debugging and maintenance. Its main functions are as follows: The graphic screen displays 8 lines of 24 characters of plain text The navigation button provides quick and easy access to the drop-down menus It is supplied with six languages installed as standard (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). The available languages can be modified using the Multi-Loader configuration tool (VW3A8121). Maximum operating temperature of the terminal: 140 F (60 C) with IP 54 protection. 6 Graphic display: 8 lines of 24 characters, 240 x 160 pixels, large digit display 7 Function keys (not operational on the Altivar 312) 8 Navigation button: rotate : goes to the next/previous line, increases/decreases the value - press: saves the current value ( ENT ). ESC key: aborts a value, a parameter or a menu to return to the previous selection. 9 Motor local control keys: RUN : starts the motor STOP/RESET : stops the motor/resets drive detected faults FWD/REV : reverses the motor direction of rotation 10 Remote cable 11 Female/female RJ45 adaptor

Description Item no. Length Part numbers Weight ft m lbs kg Remote graphic display terminal A remote cable, VW3A1104R ppp , and an RJ45 adaptor, VW3A1105, must be provided 5 - - VW3A1101 - - Remote cables equipped with 2 RJ45 connectors 6 3.28 1 VW3A1104R10 0.11 0.05 9.84 3 VW3A1104R30 0.33 0.15 16.40 5 VW3A1104R50 0.55 0.25 32.81 10 VW3A1104R100 1.10 0.5 Female/female RJ45 adaptor 7 - - VW3A1105 0.02 0.01

(1) If an Altivar 31 drive is replaced by an Altivar 312 drive, the remote display terminal VW3A1101 can be used. Please consult the Quick Start Guide for this terminal by clicking the button to the left. (2) The software version of the graphic display terminal must be u V1.1.IE19. It can be updated using the Multi-Loader configuration tool (VW3A8121). See page 43.

Remote display terminal with cover off

1 4 2 3

Remote display terminal with cover in place

5 6 7 8 9 8 9

Remote graphic display terminal

11 10

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