Altivar 312 Variable Speed Drives Page 46 Accessories and Options

46 Altivar 312 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Line chokes Line chokes provide improved protection against overvoltages on the line supply and reduce harmonic distortion of the current produced by the drive. The recommended chokes limit the line current. They have been developed in line with standard UL 508C. The inductance values are defined for a voltage drop between 3% and 5% of the nominal line voltage. Values higher than this will cause loss of torque. The use of line chokes is recommended in particular for ATV312H ppp M2, ATV312H ppp M3 and ATV312H ppp N4 drives under the following circumstances: Line supply with significant disturbance from other equipment (interference, overvoltages) Line supply with voltage imbalance between phases > 1.8% of nominal voltage Drive supplied by a line with very low impedance (in the vicinity of a power transformer 10 times more powerful than the drive rating) Installation of a large number of frequency inverters on the same line Reduction of overloads on the cos correction capacitors, if the installation includes a power factor correction unit The use of line chokes is mandatory for ATV312H ppp S6 drives. The prospective short-circuit current at the drive connection point must not exceed the maximum value indicated in the reference tables. The use of chokes allows connection to the following line supplies: Max. Isc 22 kA for 200/240 V Max. Isc 65 kA for 380/500 V and 525/600V Specifications Type of line choke VZ1L004 M010 VZ1L007 UM50 VZ1L018 UM20 VW3A4 551 VW3 A4552 VW3 A4553 VW3 A4554 VW3 A4555 Conformity to standards IEC 61800-5-1 (VDE 0160 level 1 high-energy overvoltages on the line supply) Voltage drop Between 3% and 5% of the nominal line voltage. Values higher than this will cause loss of torque. Degree of protection Choke IP 00 Terminals IP 20 IP 10 Inductance value mH 10 5 2 10 4 2 1 0.5 Nominal current A 4 7 18 4 10 16 30 60 Losses W 17 20 30 45 65 75 90 80

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