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Altivar 312

variable speed drives

Installation Recommendations

Installation recommendations

Mounting in an enclosure

Follow the mounting recommendations on the opposite page. To ensure proper air circulation in the drive: Install ventilation grilles Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation. If there is not, install a forced ventilation unit with a filter. The openings and/or fans must provide a flow rate at least equal to that of the drive fans (see below). Use special filters with IP 54 protection Remove the protective cover from the top of the drive

Fan flow rate depending on the drive rating

ATV312 Flow rate m


/min H018M2H055M2 H018M3H055M3 H037N4HU11N4 H075S6, HU15S6 0.3 H075M2HU15M2 H075M3HU15M3 HU15N4, HU22N4 HU22S6, HU40S6 0.55 HU22M2 HU22M3HU40M3 HU30N4, HU40N4 HU55S6, HU75S6 1.55 HU55M3 HU55N4, HU75N4 HD11S6 1.7 HU75M3, HD11M3 HD11N4, HD15N4 HD15S6 2.8 HD15M3 3.6

Metal dust/damp proof wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure (IP 54 protection)

The drive must be mounted in a dust and damp proof enclosure in certain environmental conditions: dust, corrosive gases, high humidity with risk of condensation and dripping water, splashing liquid, etc. This enables the drive to be used in an enclosure where the maximum internal temperature can reach 122 F (50C).

Calculating the dimensions of the enclosure

Maximum thermal resistance Rth (C/W) q =maximumtemperatureinsidetheenclosurein C q e=maximumexternaltemperaturein C P = total power dissipated in the enclosure in W Power dissipated by drive: see page 32. Add the power dissipated by the other components of the device. Useful heat exchange area of enclosure S (m


) (sides + top + front panel if wall-mounted) K = thermal resistance per m


of the enclosure For metal enclosures: K = 0.12 with internal fan K = 0.15 without fan Note: Do not use insulated enclosures, as they have a poor level of conductivity.

Rth e P ------------------ =

S K Rth --------- - =

Example of airflow for the ATV312

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