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Altivar 312

variable speed drives



(continued) External accessories and options

External accessories and options can be used with Altivar 312 drives: UL Type 1 conformity kits, plates for direct mounting on 35 mm DIN rails, etc. Braking resistors, line chokes, additional EMC input filters, output filters, etc.

HMI and configuration tools

On-board Human/Machine Interface The 4-digit display 1 displays drive states, detected faults and parameter values. The navigation button 2 is used to navigate through the menus, modify values and change the motor speed in local mode. The RUN and STOP/RESET keys 3 are used to control motor starting and stopping in local mode. These two keys can be made accessible on the front panel by removing the cover 4 from the door. HMI terminals The Altivar 312 drive can be connected to a remote display terminal or a remote graphic display terminal, which are available as options. The remote display terminal can be mounted on an enclosure door with IP 54 or IP 65 degree of protection. It provides access to the same functions as the Human- Machine interface. The remote graphic display terminal, with its "full text" display in the user's language, provides a user-friendly interface for configuration, debugging or maintenance. See page 42. SoMove setup software for PCs The SoMove setup software is used to configure, adjust and debug the Altivar 312 drive with the Oscilloscope function, and also for maintenance of this drive, like all other Schneider Electric drives and soft starters. It can be used with a direct connection or a Bluetooth wireless connection. See page 43. Simple Loader and Multi-Loader configuration tools The Simple Loader tool enables one powered-up drive's configuration to be duplicated on another powered-up drive. The Multi-Loader tool enables configurations to be copied from a PC or a powered up drive and duplicated on another powered-up drive. See page 43.


The Altivar 312 drive has six logic inputs, three analog inputs, one logic/analog output and two relay outputs. The main functions available are as follows: Motor and drive protection Linear, S, U or customized acceleration and deceleration ramps Local control of the speed reference using the navigation button +/- speed 16 preset speeds PI regulator and references 2-wire/3-wire control Brake sequence Automatic catching a spinning load with speed detection and automatic restart Detected fault configuration and stop type configuration Saving the configuration in the drive Several functions can be assigned to one logic input.

Simple loader tool (VWA8120) Multi-Loader tool (VWA8121) Oscilloscope function in the SoMove setup software Remote graphic display terminal Remote display terminal ATV312H075M2 with front panel door closed, without cover 4 : STOP/RESET and RUN keys accessible

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