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Altivar 312 Variable Speed Drives - Page 7 Introduction


Altivar 312

variable speed drives



Drive factory configuration

Presentation Page 8

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Description Page 8

Application functions

Operating speed range Page 9 Acceleration and deceleration ramp times Page 9 Acceleration and deceleration ramp profiles Page 9 Ramp switching Page 10 Automatic adaptation of deceleration ramp Page 10 Voltage/frequency ratio Page 11 Auto-tuning Page 11 Switching frequency, noise reduction Page 11 Skip frequencies Page 12 Speed reference Page 12 Analog inputs Page 12 Preset speeds Page 12 +/- speed Page 13 Save reference Page 13 Jog operation Page 14 Command and reference channels Page 14 Reference switching Page 14 Summing inputs Page 14 PI regulator Page 15 Current limit switching Page 15 Limiting low speed operating time Page 15 Motor switching Page 15 Control mode switching Page 16 2-wire control Page 16 3-wire control Page 16 Forced local mode Page 16 Freewheel stop Page 16 Fast stop Page 16 DC injection stop Page 16 Brake control Page 17 Limit switch management Page 17 Monitoring Page 17 Detected fault management Page 18 Detected fault reset Page 18 General reset (disables all detected faults) Page 18 Controlled stop on loss of line supply Page 18 Stop mode in the event of a detected fault Page 18 Automatic catching of a spinning load with speed detection ("catch on the fly") Page 19 Automatic restart Page 19 Derated operation in the event of an undervoltage Page 19 Detected fault relay, unlocking Page 19 Resetting operating time to zero Page 19 Motor thermal protection Page 20 Drive thermal protection Page 20 R1, R2 relay configuration Page 20 AOC/AOV analog outputs Page 21 Saving and retrieving the configuration Page 21

Function compatibility table

Presentation Page 21

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