Altivar 312 Variable Speed Drives Page 8 Introduction

8 Altivar 312 variable speed drives Functions Functions (continued) Drive factory configuration The Altivar 312 drive is configured to allow a quick start-up for most applications. Factory configuration: Nominal motor frequency: 50 Hz Motor voltage: 230 V (ATV312H ppp M2, ATV312H ppp M3), 400 V (ATV312H ppp N4) or 600 V (ATV312H ppp S6) Linear ramp times: 3 seconds Low speed (LSP): 0 Hz/High speed (HSP): 50 Hz Normal stop mode on deceleration ramp Stop mode in the event of a detected fault: freewheel Motor thermal current = nominal drive current Standstill injection braking current = 0.7 x nominal drive current, for 0.5 seconds Constant torque operation with sensorless flux vector control Logic inputs: - 2 directions of operation (LI1, LI2), 2-wire control - 4 preset speeds (LI3, LI4): LSP (low speed), 10 Hz, 15 Hz, 20 Hz Analog inputs: - AI1 speed reference (0 +10 V) - AI2 (0 10 V) summing of AI1 - AI3 (4-20 mA) not configured Relay R1: detected fault relay Relay R2: not assigned Analog output AOC: 0-20 mA, image of the motor frequency Automatic adaptation of the deceleration ramp in the event of overbraking Switching frequency 4 kHz, random frequency Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Description 1 Display: 4-digit display Display of numeric values and codes Indication of the unit of the displayed value 2 Display of the drive status: REF : Reference mode. This mode is used to display the motor frequency reference of the active reference channel (terminals, local mode, remote display terminal or Modbus serial link). In local mode, the reference can be modified using the navigation button 4 , if the function is configured. MON : Monitoring mode. This mode is used to display the monitoring parameters when the drive is running. CONF : Configuration mode. This mode is used to configure the drive parameters. These parameters can be modified using the SoMove setup software. 3 Use of the keys: MODE is used to access one of the following modes: - Reference mode REF - Monitoring mode MON - Configuration mode CONF Note : This key cannot be accessed if the front panel door is closed. ESC : Aborts a value, a parameter or a menu to return to the previous selections STOP/RESET : Local motor stop command, clears drive detected faults (key active in factory configuration) RUN : Local motor run command, if its activation is programmed 4 Use of the navigation button: Rotate: Increases or decreases the value, or goes to the next value Press: Saves the current value or selects the value The button can be used as a potentiometer in local mode 5 Cover that can be removed for access to the RUN and STOP/RESET keys. 6 It is possible to lock the front panel door with a lead seal. ATV312H075M2 with front panel door closed, with cover 5 : STOP/RESET and RUN keys not accessible 2 4 1 3 5 6 MODE REF MON CONF Motor frequency reference Configuration of parameters Monitoring parameters 3 operating modes: REF, MON and CONF 4 5 1 3 2 3 ATV312H075M2 with front panel door open ATV312H075M2 with front panel door closed, without cover 5 : STOP/RESET and RUN keys accessible 4 1 6 2 5 3

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