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Altivar 312

variable speed drives



(continued) Application Functions

Operating speed range This function is used to determine the 2 frequency limits which define the speed range permitted by the machine under actual operating conditions for all applications with or without overspeed. Acceleration and deceleration ramp times This function is used to define acceleration and deceleration ramp times according to the application and the machine dynamics. Acceleration and deceleration ramp profiles These enable a gradual change in the output frequency starting from a speed reference, following a linear profile or a preset profile. S ramps For applications such as material handling, packaging and passenger transport, the use of S ramps takes up mechanical backlash, eliminates jolts, and limits non-following" of speed during rapid transient operation of high-inertia machines. U ramps U ramps are specifically for pumping applications, for example an installation with centrifugal pump and non-return valve. They provide better control of closing of the non-return valve. Selecting linear, S, U or customized profiles assigns both the acceleration and deceleration ramps.

f (Hz) HSP 0 0 t t t2 t1 t2 t1 HSP: high speed t1: ramp time set t2 = 0.6 x t1 The rounding coefficient is fixed.

S ramps

f (Hz) HSP 0 t t2 t1 f (Hz) HSP 0 t t2 t1 HSP: high speed t1: ramp time set t2 = 0.5 x t1 The rounding coefficient is fixed.

U ramps

f (Hz) HSP 0 t tA1 ACC or AC2 f (Hz) HSP 0 t tA2 tA3 tA4 dEC or dE2 HSP: high speed tA1: adjustable between 0 and 100% (of ACC or AC2) tA2: can be set between 0 and (100% - tA1) (of ACC or AC2) tA3: can be set between 0 and 100% (of dEC or dE2) tA4: can be set between 0 and (100% - tA3) (of dEC or dE2) ACC: acceleration ramp 1 time AC2: acceleration ramp 2 time dEC: deceleration ramp 1 time dE2: deceleration ramp 2 time

Customized ramps

50 f (Hz) 0 t1 t

Linear acceleration ramp

50 f (Hz) 0 t2 t

Linear deceleration ramp t1: acceleration time t2: deceleration time t1 and t2 can be set independently between 0.1 and 999.9 s, factory setting: 3 s

f (Hz) HSP LSP 0 V X mA 4 mA 10 V Y mA 20 mA Reference

LSP: low speed, from 0 to HSP, factory setting 0 HSP: high speed, from LSP to f max., factory setting 50 Hz X: configurable between 0 and 20 mA, factor setting 4 mA Y: configurable between 4 and 20 mA, factory setting 20 mA


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